The Best Apps For Twitter Management And Monitoring Twitter Stats

Not long ago, companies ignored Twitter, not understanding how 140 character posts could help their business. Yet it has become one of the most popular social sites. Competitors have come and gone, but none have been able to offer the combination of simplicity and functionality that Twitter provides. Not long ago did I decided to explore the use of apps for Twitter to help with my Twitter management and to track Twitter stats. I wanted to determine if these could offer me features I was missing or could help me more efficiently use Twitter. Not surprisingly there are of Twitter applications on offer for every kind of user from individuals to multinational businesses. I came across many Twitter applications that improved my Twitter experience and I’d like to share them with you. Twitter has always been is lacking in the search functionality section. It is incredibly limited, so I’ve turned to Twitter management apps for help. Two that have been around for a while are TwitterSearch and Twitterverse. Twittersearch is best if you want to find someone but don’t know their Twitter username or email. Twitterverse combines search and geographical location to show tweets from people around the word. Another criticism of Twitter has been their lack of Twitter stats or stats on Twitter so third party apps had to fill this gap. TwitterStats graphs your Twitter usage on a colorful chart to present on your website or blog. If you’re looking for more comprehensive stats on Twitter such as performance of your tweet as part of a larger tracking campaign I recommend you use SocialMotus. This will show you everything from click through rates, mentions, retweets, responses and conversion rates based on time and day, as well as optimal tweeting time. The Twitter Tool accesses your past tweets, finds the performance of your tweets (mentions, replies, retweets and so on) and uses this data to determine when the best time to tweet is. This is fantastic if you don’t want to spend hours manually going through tweet data yourself.I also like Twitter applications that provides you a way to tweet via email. I regularly check my inbox but don’t always have the time to pop by my Twitter account to view mentions and replies. TwitterMail is a basic Twitter software that will do just this. It provides you with a basic email interface and the option to post tweet responses in the future.Then you have apps for Twitter that make you wonder just how the developer came up with idea. Tweet like a pirate is a good one for laughs and {is self explanatoryits name makes it self explanatory. You can really find one for just about any purpose. Most Twitter applications are free or offer free basic versions alongside paid versions with more advanced functionality.As there are too many to list in this article, but you’re welcome to view a comprehensive list of Twitter applications on the Twitter Fan Wiki page.